Microsoft this week advanced the calling capabilities of its Office 365 Teams collaboration service by adding more Skype for Business capabilities to it.

The shift of those capabilities to Teams is part of a general Microsoft plan. In September, Microsoft had announced that the Teams client application would be replacing the Skype for Business client as part of Microsoft’s “intelligent communications” makeover. Under that approach, the Teams client will be the main hub for chat, calling and videoconferencing activities going forward, although the Skype for Business products are continuing.

Office 365 tenancies using the Teams client will be getting the following calling capabilities this week, according to Microsoft’s announcement:

  • Call history
  • Hold/resume
  • Speed dial, transfer, forwarding and caller ID masking
  • Extension dialing
  • Multiple-call handling
  • Simultaneous ringing
  • Voicemail
  • Text telephone support

The capabilities will show up in the “Calls” tab of the Teams client, under certain conditions. Otherwise, IT pros will have to enable them. The announcement also mentioned that Microsoft Graph support was getting improved with this Teams client update.

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